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Samsung UK what the fudge is going on with them?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by scoutthedoggie, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. scoutthedoggie


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    Two months ago I decided to buy a DVD recorder with a hard drive, I wanted a HD of about 160GB, media card reader, DV in, DVD-R with Ram. So I found the Samsung DVD HR700e £450 or there abouts via a few Sites Samsung UK recommended.
    Ordered online, heard nothing back so called the company and a guy says its
    not in stock infact its an old model, no longer available.
    But I checked and all reviews are up to date, its a recent model as far as I could find. So I ordered from Digi UK, but I called them to check and they say its a newish model and no new stock till the 20th Sept, a while away but I order anyway, the 20th comes and goes and so I phone them a few times and get different reasons and promised call backs with more details that never come. So I phones Samsung UK, the model is so new its not even shipped to retailers yet, so for two months this things been on sale at sites on the web and not a single retailer has one, this is crap practice!
    Digi UK have removed the item from their website so I guess other people have been calling them about this, because when I called one day the girl on the phone read out a list of other guys waiting on this so I was not alone. So whats my point? I dunno I just wanted a rant cos I am not happy with Samsung. :thumbsdow

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