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I've been lurking on the forum and visiting the local Currys PC World for a few months now, trying to decide which TV will replace my old 42" Sony W829 in the lounge. I'm looking for a bigger screen, 55" at least.

I've been looking at the entry-level Samsung JU6000 which is currently around £1000 for the 65" version.

I've also been waiting for the new 2016 version, the KU6000, which is quite a bit more (£1000 for the 55") and this brings me to my question...

Is there any real difference between the JU and the KU range?

I know the KU supports HDR out the box which is nice but not something ill use. The KU also has a different bezel, and has a centrally positioned stand instead of chicken feet on either side.

But if it does not provide a significantly better panel or picture I don't see the point of spending the extra money.

I play a lot of 24fps MKV video via a PC so Judder is an issue for me. I know the Samsung JU6400 (and Samsungs in general) struggle with Judder. I expect the step-down JU6000 will also struggle.

Id really appreciate some technical insight into the JU6000 vs KU6000 TVs. Are the Panels the same for all sizes for example? Or do they swap from VA to IPS for different sizes like Sony sometimes do (that really annoys me!).

I will end up just giving-in and buying one soon. Probably the 65" JU6000 or the 55" or 60" KU6000 depending on price.

I much rather base my purchase on some reliable technical info. Usually I wait for HDTVTest to review it - but they never got to the JU6000. Nor did anyone else I was able to find! So I'm not expecting any 'proper' reviews of the new KU6000 either. Entry-level TVs must not warrant a review for some reason!

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