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Hi everyone.

After a thunderstorm I replaced my old 130cm Samsung HD set (which had perfect settings with my old PS4 thanks to this forum - never had to adjust them over 5 years!) with a 65" 7475 and upgraded to the PS4 Pro.

I've been a long way with the 7475 trying to get a picture that suits my needs but I can't get satisfied so far.

I find the overall picture a bit greenish/olive with weak blacks and overall not very dynamic. I also got a smaller 4K Samsung screen (43") which looks extremely good (deep blacks and very dynamic colours) in all aspects but the 7475 is supposed to be superior, and it's not that good so far. Sadly I tried the same settings on the bigger one and it's not as good as on the 43".

Here are my settings and what I tried so far:

- Game mode ON (no debate as the input lag is horrid without game mode for the games I play).
- HDMI blacks "auto".
- Lightning: 47 (45 seems a bit weak, 50 is flashy).
- Brightness: 0 (I don't see a big interest in moving this slider).
- Contrast: 50 (might be a bit too much, I'll try a range between 48-50).
- Sharpness: 8 (games I play have not so good textures, and 10 is already a bit much - it also seems to increase aliasing at least visually).
- Colours: 18 (I like colder colours. I had it set to 15 before and increased to 18 as the reds were a bit weak. 20 is too much already for me. I might go down to 17).

- Contrast enhancer: set to LOW. That's the bigger change I made these days. I used to have it to HIGH but I figured out it might be part of my issues. High creates an illusion of the dynamic colours I want but is really aggressive. Sadly there is no medium setting.
- Gamma: BT 1886 +1. +0 is a bit dark. I really can't decide as I also like 2.2 which I used before, but 2.2 + 47 lightning looks a bit exhausting over the long run.
- Colours: Cold. No question here for me as I hate warmer dyes.
- Colour range: NATIVE. Along with the contrast enhancer this seems to be another big changer. I had it set to AUTO first, in order to avoid some very cartoonish / extreme greens I had with native. But I then figured out that with "auto" my blues (and purples, and reds to a lower extent) were clearly "washed". Especially the blues.

I only play FFXIV - my settings must suit this game then.
Been playing a lot over the past 7 years so I know and "feel" the game graphisms very well (if you see what I mean) and I'm probably a bit perfectionnist with it...
I don't think it the game uses HDR, ingame menu settings are set to PS4 and not 4K/Pro as I prefer the higher framerate, my gamma settings are set to normal/medium ingame.

Any good suggestions especially from PS4 users and interesting presets might be very useful please!

Also apologizes if I made any type or grammar mistakes as I'm not a native speaker.

Thanks a lot for you help and sorry for the wall of text

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Depends what your looking for, an accurate picture that closely resembles what the game creators intended it to look, or just how you want it to look.

If it's the second, I'd at least switch HDMI black level to Low, and set your PS4 to limited, that way they match, auto can have issues and get it wrong, meaning you could either get a really washed out image, or one that's way too dark, clipping all those deep blacks. Other than that adjust however you want I guess.

If it's the first, download the AVS HD 709 calibration disc and its manual, that'll walk you through it. Disable all eco settings, disable contrast enhancer entirely, switch colour space to Auto, Native is vastly wrong and colours way too oversaturated, auto will be as close as possible in recreating the colours the content is actually using, native is just the TV oversaturating that and just adding more colours just because.

Just my two cents.

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