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New to the forum, but posted the initial stuff, but still new so I think traditional to still raise a hand and say Hello

I've been looking for a replacement TV, to replace my current Sony Bravia which is a 42", and im intending on a 65", with a budget of £700 max.

Im trying to avoid the research i did for the 42", which took me so long they discontinued the model I finally chose :laugh: But I suppose i did end up with the latest model, so better i think.
But all the same It took months of checking this review, that review whats best for me in this or that aspect.
I ended up with a Bravia KDL42W705B, which i think is not too bad, and certainly its fulfilled my requirements at the time, though its a bit dated now, and i reckon many current models will surpass its features by quite a bit.

So this time, I thought it prudent to join a forum, because many here have an experienced understanding of the features of modern TV's and it would make the entire job a bit less of a chore.

As said, budget 700 squids and probably going to Curry's to get it from, mainly due to ease of transport, returns etc.
I had a look at Bravia's, which are at the upper limit of my budget, and of Samsung, and also of the brand HiSense, though I've discontinued the latter from my search, mainly due to reading owners thread on here. I thought maybe best to stick with the mainstream, as the outlay for me is a lot and its more from the savings due to my low income, so i want to avoid the unhappy scenario.

I'd narrowed it down to something like the UE65AU8000KXXU or the QE65Q60AAUXXU which are quite similar in price, but as to what the actual differences are, im at a loss, though after watching a nnumber of YT vids on the Q60AA, im waning away from that, it seems that as a basic intro to QLED, its maybe too basic, and you're not getting such a good TV for the money. and so will probably will settle on AU8000. Opinions there from the pro's will be well appreciated.

I should maybe explain the things i would be looking for.
Blue ray player, Netflix,Disney+, linked to my PC(to be used in place of a monitor) very occasional gaming- Planetside 2(im not really the gamer these days) and of course general standardized TV viewing, via freeview.
Im a bit of a SiFi fan, which seems to always be set in space, so many scenes are naturally dark.
The TV will be wall mounted, opposite a window, but it is a north facing, so the room isnt bright even in the height of summer. Some pointers on how high to set it from the floor would be appreciated.

The room is some 22' long, so my viewing distance will be approximately 8 to 10 feet.

So any pointers, or other recommendations ?.




Hey and welcome to the forum!
The main thing that's changed from when you purchased your last TV in the TV world is HDR.
All TVs now accept a HDR signal, but few can display it properly.
With a budget of 700 its going to be hard to find a TV that can display HDR without issues, let alone at 65".

If you are running everything through your PC though, you can leave HDR disabled, and then it really doesn't matter so much about HDR.

So I'd advise if you want something that works better with HDR maybe step down to a 55" model in my guide here:

If you aren't planning to use HDR, then a cheaper range TV is fine. If you want good blacks and don't need good viewing angles then look at the Samsung models listed as VA in this chart:

Beware that some of the models you won't know before purchase which type of panel comes on the TV, so it's a safe option only to use ones that have just VA type mentioned in the chart. Try not to get lost in the terms that manufacturers like to fly on their TVs. The Q60A may be a QLED model, but its really not any conceivably better than some of the cheaper Samsung models, even the AU71xx ones.

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