Samsung UE55MU6100K set up question

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I've just bought the above television, and was excited about Samsung's claim that the "Oneremote" remote control could operate all my devices.

My problem is that, like many of us, I wish to use a receiver for better audio and surround.

If I plug each of my inputs (Virgin TIVO, Blu-ray, Apple TV) into the three HDMI sockets on the TV, then the remote will control each, and I love the logos that you can put on the home screen, to easily switch between them. But, if instead I plug each of them into my Sony receiver, with one HDMI lead out to the TV, then I have to use the Sony remote to switch between inputs, and the snazzy logos on the TV are replaced by a generic one for the receiver.

Is there a way to get the best of both worlds, or am I stuck with either surround sound or logos on the home screen for each input, but not both?

Also, has anyone who has this TV got a recommended settings list they would care to share?

Thanks for any help.

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