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I am thinking about buying a Samsung UE55JU7000.

I understand from reading the e-manual for this product that it uses Samsung's "One Connect", whereby all of your connections (ariel, hdmi, network etc) go into the one connect box rather than directly into the TV.

I am planning to wall mount the TV and I would like to take all of my connections behind the plasterboard to the point where the TV will be located. I don't really want to take just one connection from the One Connect box for future proofing (just in case!)

1. Do I have to use One Connect box with this TV, or are the connections for each input on the back of the set as well as on the one connect? I've searched online but can find no images of the back of this set verify this.

2. If I do need to use the One Connection, I'm guessing I can mount this on the wall (with some sticky pads) behind the TV. Does anyone have the dimensions of this box? I would like to know if It can go on the wall in the depth between my bracket and the actual TV. I suppose then I need to run very short "patch" type cables from one connect to the TV which I may struggle to fit in the available space.

I suppose, it would be easier to just run two cables (power and One Connect) from my AV receiver to the TV, but I wanted to get all of the cabling and plastering etc done before I bought the TV. This configuration would really simplify my connections and cable routing but I am worried what will happen if I decide to change the TV, or Samsung discontinue this technology. I'll have to open up the wall (again!) to get new cables in. I think the most sensible thing is that if I need to use One Connect to mount it behind the TV.

Any ideas or advice are welcomed! Thanks!

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