Question Samsung UE55F9000 - Keeps switching itself off?


I tried to do some research on why my, now a good few years old, Samsung UE55F9000 keeps switching it self off but only found a Samsung US forum with PM's as answers.

I did also read something about some capacitors that may have seen better days but I'd prefer to not go that route.

So, will it fix the issue by swapping the OneConnect box OR is the TV heading to the recycling center? Are there any else fixes for this other than soldering (and if so is it a difficult task - I mean I have nothing to loose)

I did try and search for the same topic in here but no luck.

Any ideas/pointers?


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One of the reasons responsible for a TV to power itself down is overheating.

Are all the vents clear of fluff etc?


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Switching off as in switching to standby with the standby led lit?...
or switching off with no led lit?

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