SAMSUNG UE55F9000 4K. Screen ghosing issue ?


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Hi all,

I've just bought a U55F9000 4K screen and have had it for 3 weeks. Overall it's pretty amazing but I keep seeing a ghosting affect during movies. I'm watching Sky HD and have noticed that when you watch people moving on the screen, the edges of their heads or bodies create a shadow effect.

It's as if the processor is not able to switch from skin tones to the colour of the background quickly enough. I've also noticed it more when the background is a flat colour, i.e all blue or green etc.

I've had a 37" Panasonic plasma up until this one and had never seen this before. Any other 4K owners seen a similar thing and got any advise for me ?

many thanks,


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Sounds like the problem I and a few others have had with Samsung HDTVs discussed in this thread...
Samsung UE46F6500 - colour flashing | AVForums

Its always a good idea with a new telly to go to the picture menu and switch off all of the 'enhancement' features like Motion Plus, Skin Tone, Black Level etc. etc. and get used to the look of the 'raw' picture for a while. Then you can try switching them back on one by one to see if they actually do improve the picture without adding any strange side-effects.


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Thanks for the reply. I've turned off the motion plus and other elements but am still seeing it. I've got a Samsung engineer coming out on Friday to take a look at it so we will see what happens then.

Just disappointing to see this on a £2k+ tv, never had this effect on a Plasma model and I'm wandering if I've gone in on a 4K TV to early.....


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if you only had it for 3 weeks then get it replaced befour youre 28 days it up not repaired


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TV has gone back, full refund from John Lewis.
Samsung repair agent came out and was absolutely rubbish - had never seen a 4k set before, I couldn't believe it!!

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