samsung UE55"F6670 front logo?


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Hi,i am trying to switch on the front samsung logo but i have failed miserably.The model of the tv is a UE55"F6670 And i think the tv looks a 100 times better with logo shining brightly,any help would be really appreciated.Thankyou.:lease:


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Can't be sure but I think the logo light is what Samsung call the Light Effect (Deco).

Looking at your model on the Samsung website it states that your model doesn't have this feature, also looking at the download manual it doesn't mention this feature as it does for other Samsung models that do have the logo light.

Only had a quick look so I could be totally wrong.

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55-inch F6670 Series 6 Smart 3D 600CMR Full HD (1080p) LED TV - Samsung UK - TECH SPECS


Light Effect (Deco)



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It doesn't have the light up logo, that's reserved for the f7000 and f8000.


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Have you tried to enable it in the service menu?

It may be that the TV is capable but it's just disabled in the service menu like motion control...

Try it and let us know?

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