Samsung UE50J6100 Advice?

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To my amateur eyes it looks like a pretty basic model which you`d expect for that price

Its a slightly strange set, for a couple of reasons. Its stocked by Argos, which tends to have slightly odd sniper models, often bigging up certain features, while being very quiet about the lack of others. So its a bit of a red flag. next, its a 50in Samsung. 50in Samsungs are made (there was a version of the H6400 last year), but they are unusual.

The thing is a bit odd in lots of ways. 6 series should be 3D, but this appears not to be, and normally have 3 or 4 HDMI's - this has 2. They should also be smart, and despite some blurb about a wireless LAN, it seemingly isn't. The refresh rate is also odd. Its PQI is rated at 500. The J5500 is rated at 300, and the J5600 at 400, so a slightly better picture than the average 2D Samsung. Its like a J5100, but with a different stand and a slightly better panel.

The price works out at about £400. I suspect the Samsung 48J5500 would be better value overall - currently £409 in the UK, with 3 HDMI's and smart. Yes, a slightly better panel in the 6100, but not up to the likes of the J6300. Frankly, I'd buy the 6300, because its a much better TV, and worth the extra £130.


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You dont think its related to this set? seems identical case and similar kind of specs.
Samsung UE48H5500 (H5500) TV Review

The price for the J6100 at Argos is £379 in the uk so its pretty good value and they even add a roku stick for £25 on the purchase. I`m not sure how the roku stick compares to the Samsung smart setup. Benefits from the Roku is that it will get more frequent updates i`d imagine.
So for someone who doesnt want 3d and not too bothered about smart tv built in it seems a decent price. Have to say Samsung are a bit naughty how they promote their TVs , from their website you are inclined to believe it has built in internet and smart tv features
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from their website you are inclined to believe it has built in internet and smart tv features

Thats the odd thing - it mentions Instant Switchback with your Smart TV and access Internet without the wires, but when you look carefully, there doesn't seem to be any smart capacity. I suspect that it was a standard webpage for a TV (and the bulk of them are smart), and the smart bit just got left in.

Yeah, its like last years H5100, but with a better panel, but called a 6 series. Calling Baron Frankenstein....

At £379, your right - thats a pretty good deal, especially if they chuck in a roku. The J5100 is £399, so a slightly better panel and a roku for £20 less is fine for lots of people. I'm not a fan of Argos, but if you look carefully, sometimes you can find something that is a decent deal. Still a bit odd though, and I have no idea why they've labelled it a 6 series!


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I`ve actually decided to go for the 48h6400 instead of the J6100 now. Its a £100 more but comes with smart tv and 3d with 2 glasses included. Plus it has plenty of good reviews, unlike the J6100 which seems a complete unknown at the moment.

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Good choice - you should always get the best panel you can for your money, and the H6400 is a great set. The J6100 is probably a perfectly decent set, since its a Samsung, but since its a bit of an oddity, with no reviews, I can understand why people are a bit wary.


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We have both the 48h5500 and 50j6100. As suggested, the panel is better on the 6100 - the 5500 doesn't have the smoothing features (which I don't like) but other than that a still picture looks the same. The 6100 doesn't have smart tv but that's a positive for me
They both have the same stand and very similar cases and back panel. The tv guide is different and the UI is generally quicker on the j6100.

Now the warning...

We're having problems with the sound on the j6100 and tbh it might go back - the volume goes low for a split second every 10s or so. We are generally struggling with the sound which is either too quiet or very harsh. Both units have been on the same stand in the same room.
I'll try a firmware update (1006 to 1102.1) to see if it helps.


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I bought this TV and am pretty happy with it - the motion plus can be a bit choppy at times, but turning off/reducing some of the features makes a big difference. Really pleased with how my Xbox One looks on it with Game Mode enabled.


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We're having problems with the sound on the j6100 and tbh it might go back - the volume goes low for a split second every 10s or so.

Are you running sound through an amp? If so I had the same problem. Changing the sound mode to DTS Neo instead of PCM sorted it for me. Hope that helps.


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SP1138: I'm not using an amp or any other external device. It happens on Freeview channels - usuallly after the same channel has been on a while. Changing the channel up and down fixes it temporarily. Turning on/off some combination of audio features seems to stop it but then the sound is not so good.
I'll fire up my windoze vm and apply this new firmware.


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So far so good after updating the firmware.

Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack the thread. If the audio issue is fixed then I can say this tv is good value at £369 if you can live without smart features and only having 2 hdmi inputs.


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hi mrtom852, just wondered if your sound issue is fixed? Considering buying this TV myself and like mentioned above there are no reviews to go on.


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I have the 50J6100AWXZF since 2015.

My settings :

Picture mode : Movie

Backlight : 10
Contrast : 95
Brightness : 45
Sharpness : 10
Colour : 50
Tint G/R : 50/50

Colour Space : Auto
White Balance :
R offset -1
G offset 0
B offset -1
R gain -3
G gain 0
B gain 0

Gamma : 0

Colour tone : Warm2
Motion Plus : Custom
Blur reduction : 10
Judder reduction : 5

Other settings : Off (Dynamic Contrast, Black Tone, Flesh Tone, Motion Lighting, Digital Clean View, MPEG Noise Filter, Eco Solution).

Since 2015 I have tried a lot of adjustment.

Edit :

Other settings better :

R offset 0
G offset 0
B offset -2
R gain -9
G gain 0
B gain 4
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