Samsung UE50ES6300 Crosstalk- Advice please?!


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I recently purchased a Samsung UE50ES6300 TV. I'd done plenty of research, ended up getting it a great price and was really pleased except for 3D crosstalk. I knew about crosstalk, couldn't really find anything relating to this model or 6 series so was happy to go for it.
I didn't buy the tv purely for 3D but would like it as a feature even if the technology still has a couple of flaws, but this is unbearable. It's more often than not images in the background, I've tried the 3D content that comes with the tv and Sky 3D and both are not just noticeable but become unwatchable.
I've messed around with settings, trawled the internet, got the latest firmware, let the set warm up, everything but can't find a solution... any ideas would be appreciated?
Looking at other peoples experiences of Samsung tech support I don't think thats a route I want to go down, so it will go back to the shop (can't try another as don't have any more in stock near me) unless someone on here can help?


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Hmmmm. I have the ES6900, so similar to yours in many ways but don't get very much crosstalk at all (not that I can notice at least) on Sky or Blu Ray or the 3d stuff in the Smart Hub. It's night and day compared to the C750 I had which had horrendous crosstalk at times but then that was the first year of 3d home TV's.

You're always going to get the odd bit of crosstalk with active 3d. But I'm surprised it's so bad that you notice it as much as you do. Unless you're very susceptible to it, or have a faulty panel/glasses or something?

I suspect there isn't a lot you can do having changed the firmware other than try and change the set/panel to see if that is the problem.

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