Samsung UE46D7000 Vs LG 47LW550T which one? 2D to 3D conversion which is better?


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Owners of Samsung UE46D7000 & LG 47LW550T please let us know your experiences, so that i can choose better TV out of these two.

I;m not biased, and thinking to buy one of these due to price gap is very small, so owners of these tv sets please quote your opinion without any biased or loyalty on any one.

These are the pros and cons i found in both TV sets.
Price wise Samsung UE46D7000 is around 250 pounds more (1256 pounds after quidco (if we get after properly claim) and LG 47LW550T is around 1000 pounds.

But samsung has some good features like excellent look, people who want to proudly show their master piece in drawing room to guests just like a modern art, but in this area LG really lacks and look wise very ordinary year 2000 normal tv or hd tv, but features wise both are neck to neck.

Samsung needs active glasses, i think one with set and one after registration with Samsung (i think), so two sets and you've to shed another 80pounds for another 2 sets, total 4 sets will sufficient, for most of the viewers.
But in this feature LG really ahead and get more points, due to 7 pairs of glasses, those are cheap and we can use 3D cinema glasses usually costs 2pounds. Unless all your guests or friends want to watch football or some event this is not great feature.

How's is the flickering side? I heard about Samsung reduces lot of flickering in this 7000 model except in bright scenes. I haven't yet seen the samsung demo.
LG is certified as a first TV with no flickering, so it gains lot in this feature, especially who want to watch more 3D in a day and also 2D to 3D conversion programs. So this feature actually tempting me to go for samsung way,

i read about 2D to 3D conversion is far better in Samsung especially 7000 and 8000 models. Who has samsung & LG please let us know your experiences with 2D to 3D conversion from SD to 3D, 2D HD to 3D and in games 2D games to 3D. This 2D to 3D is one of important feature most of reviewers are ignoring, not sure why. Toshiba planning to release new 3D sets with 2D to 3D engine, it may detect and efficiently convert to 3D, not sure when they're releasing.

But LG passive glasses reduces resolution to half, i read in reviews, this is not bad, and its difficult to find out the difference, some viewers mentioned, it looks like 720P resolution, so this is not bad resolution for passive glasses. But i think if we're closer to the sets, the resolution may be bad, and it may look horizontal lines? if any one experiences this problem? or not at all a problem.

I saw demo of 42LW650T 42 inch 200Hz version TV, 3D looks great.
But i didn't get a chance to see 47LW550T 47inch 100HZ version, if any one seen already please quote your experiences.

Games wise Samsung surely gets more ahead due to 200Hz but how's gaming experience in 100HZ LG47LW550T? i hope it's better in 650T but probably not in this set. and also i heard about LG has more than 80ms lag, that will hamper Video games lovers, is it the case?

For active glasses we always to be sit tight and straight to get perfect 3D picture, but in passive it's not the case, and area of viewing angle is more compared to active. so this is good feature for who want to lay on sofa (sleeping position) to watch 3D.

Reg. eye strain Samsung UE46D7000 owners did they observe any side effects after long duration of watching 3D? if so please mention here.

For LG i hope thats not the case due to passive glasses.

If we can keep aside 250pounds more for Samsung, which set is better, these are the summarised points.


Excellent look, very thin, sharp picture, good 3D and also good 2D to 3D tv in the market (i hope)

Flickering at bright scenes are sunlight from window (not sure how bad it was, but this is natural problem for active glasses)
2 sets of glasses only, if we see 3D long duration there may be side effects, not sure how bad it was, owners need to mention their opinion.
good for gaming prob. due to 200HZ.
good 2D to 3D conversion (prob. first tv far ahead with other )


No flickering, 3D viewing negligible side effects (not sure?) due to passive glasses, and glasses too cheap and 7sets with tv (unless big families and friends, this is not big feature). But it's a big feature if any one has kids, they can break expensive active glasses of samsung.
viewing angle is more (unless if any one has wide room), it's not big for most of UK houses, but if any one want to see telly in laying at sofa it's important one, but LG also if we look from above some angle you can't see 3D, not sure same problem if set TV to wall (more hight)

100HZ tv, so it lacks clarity in 3D mode, not sure howmuch degradation in 3D mode (most of viewers are positive, some are skeptic),
games lot of delay around 80 to 100ms.

I didn't look much about other features, If i miss big or important features please mention.

If any one look at above features surely they'll confused, because of their pros and cons. As a average viewer which one they prefer?

I read about both are excellent picture looks, some reviewers mentioned Samsung slightly ahead in this. so if we keep aside picture quality wise,

If you ask My personnel preference, even though it's difficult to choose between these two, but i may prefer samsung UE46D7000 due to its excellent look and 2D to 3D conversion, but same time worrying about due to its active glasses and side effects, i was looking at LG 47LW550T, but LG lacks 100HZ less, so i was skeptic about how it looks in 3D and also in games? and also it lacks less in 2D to 3D area, this is going to be more if you're watching SD and SD HD, Any one can give clear idea to choose which one is better set according to our preferences?

Or both are not suitable for my requirement is it better to go with 42" version of LG with 200HZ version? LG 42LW650T?, the price wise it's in the middle, but loosing 4 inches is it big thing by gaining 100HZ good for gaming from my watching distance of 2.5 to 3.5meters? and also loosing 2D to 3D good feature (in Samsung)>?
It's laughing situation, My head is spinning to choose from these 3sets.


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i thought all lg cinema 3d tv's had the 2d to 3d conversion tool.

"Add in a 2D to 3D conversion function on LG's Cinema 3D™ sets and you will never be short of quality 3D content."

source: LG Cinema 3D

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Strikes me the question is answered in the title alone :)

If anyone wants to watch a lot of 3D TV (mention of 2D-3D conversion) then a Cinema 3D TV is your only choice :smashin:


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I would certainly agree with the last post.
Just to add. I have demo'd both TV's at JL. The Samsung is sharper in 2D, HD, and better with SD. Having said that the LG is good in HD, and tweaked can show reasonable SD.
The Samsung is hugely reflective---LG not so

But it is 3D your asking about. Take it from me, although Active has more resolution (which is only really noticable if your close up), the Passive system is far less straining.
IMO Active is a looser and will soon wither away. Passive will win the 3D war.
I'm looking to purchase the LG 47 550T. Just a bit concerned over backlight inconsistancies at the moment. Just hope I get a good panel----it's the lottery you take when buying most TV's:lesson:
Best of Luck
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On my 2nd LG 47LW550T now I returned my first tv last week after having it for a week. The TV has some great features and I like it a lot the problems I have had is banding down the screen its like shadows that all ways run vertical. I only notice the lines when I am watching Football or any other sport that is green like Golf. When the image is still its fine but say I am watching football and the ball is kicked up field and the camera pans across the pitch the lines show up.

The replacement screen is a lot better but the lines are still apparent I am seriously thinking now of returning this TV also.

Thing is do I replace it again or have a refund and what TV to get instead?

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The replacement screen is a lot better but the lines are still apparent I am seriously thinking now of returning this TV also.
I get this on my LG 47LD950 and I think it's fairly common although it does I think vary from set to set.

It's pretty minor overall (few other people are even aware of it) and is very dependant on source material as to whether you notice it at all.

I'm happy to live with it on mine :)


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I have a 46d7000 in the lounge and a 40"550T in the bedroom (won it) lucky me.I can honestly say that out of the two KEEP to ACTIVE the resolution is FAR better BUT you have to set up the sammy properly (cnet) otherwise its too bright out of the box,also motion needs switching OFF.when LG get to supplying 2160 then it will be a different story.
1080p is already outdated in Korea.and is 4g ready,having said the sammy is better,do not buy the glasses go to ebay and usb chargeable £37 each NO 5 days.paypal secure.

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