Samsung UE46D7000 TV FreeSat Tuner


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I have just had a SkyDish installed on my house and connected it up to my Samsung UE46D7000 TV. All the channels are coming in strong and glitch free. HD looks pretty peachy. So why am I posting?

Well just for grins I thought I would go into the signal information menu and get a reading on the signal strength. Here is what I found :-

Now my current plan is to just ignore this, because the picture is perfect. Does anybody have an explanation of why the error bit level is showing 2000? Could this just be a bug in the Samsung firmware - I am using the latest.

As you can see the signal strength and signal quality are fine.
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So are you saying that having 100% bit error level (i.e. maxed out in red) is to be expected even though you have a perfect picture quality? That seems odd.


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I guess what I'm trying to detrmine is did the fitters do a good job with the dish. They appeared to have done so, before I went into that menu :)

What would be typical values for a well installed dish in the east midlands?

Should I get them back to look at it? Would seem odd to complain when the picture looks so good :)


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A software boo boo, I have seen this kind of silly before because effort is put into things that average punters will notice so things like this can slip through.


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I can't vouch for the accuracy of the Samsung readings but a bitrate error of 2000 is a 0.02% error rate on an average HD transmission. Not bad, taking into account weather, dish, LNB, cable run and digital receiver. Your signal strength and quality is roughly the same as mine (on a Pace Sky box) here in the W of Scotland. You could fit a bigger dish, better LNB, higher quality cable, or you could just ignore it.

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Interesting, I have a samsung 6800 in my main room, and a samsung freesat box in the sunroom.
The main room is always 100/100
The other is 88/100 or 90/100
When returning between channels, sometimes I have to flick twice on the box at 88/100 as it will fail on signal.
I am sure there is a poor connection in some part of the cable run.
The main room has no such issues.

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