Samsung UE43RU7400 + HW-Q70T / HDMI CEC & ARC Issues


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I have a Samsung UE43RU7400 which I was using with my Yamaha RX-D485 AV amp mainly with Sky Q and some other devices. I experienced regular issues with the HDMI connection between the amp and the TV. Specifically this was relating to HDMI-ARC, me getting a message on the TV saying I should connect via the HDMI3(ARC) connection even though I actually/already was! The only way to fix was to do a full power off/on of TV/amp. Also I was experiencing issues with HDMI-CEC, i.e. not being able to control the Amp volume from the TV remote (again often fixed, for a while with a full power off/on cycle).

So I have recently replaced my AV amp with a Samsung HW-Q70T soundbar (for an unconnected reason) but I am still getting similar issues (again only resolved with a full off/on of both items). Sometimes the TV doesn't communicate with the soundbar correctly (so I assume a CEC issue) i.e. it's not coming on with the TV. Then if I manually turn on the soundbar I still can't use it as the sound device (not visible in the TV sound settings). Also I am still sometimes getting the HDMI-ARC 'error' on the TV.

My assumption (hope) is that the problem is my HDMI cable between the TV and the soundbar. At the moment I have a 'random' one from Amazon (Amazon product) but I have tried another to no-avail.

My gut-feel is that I need to get a decent cable but am at a loss as to which. In my humble opinion I think there's a lot of misinformation about HDMI cables and there capabilities compared to others and clearly there's tons of 'random' brands on Amazon and also some top-end brands out there too.

What I'd appreciate is some no-nonsense advice re. a sensibly priced reliable cable (1.2m would be fine) that might just solve my issue. Unless there's any possibility I'm barking-up-the-wrong-tree.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice.

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