Samsung ue43au8000 Auto-adjusting brightness scene to scene

Matt KB

Picked up this TV a week ago and am having this weird issue with brightness. Essentially, going from a dark scene to a slightly less dark scene results in a brightness change, a split second after the scene changes. Example in my video below (from the Wheel of Time credits on Prime, no spoilers).

I've checked the usual settings to remove the picture adjustment modes, the auto brightness, the eco brightness and motion brightness. Basically turned all that off. It only seems to do it on 4K content (seen it on Wheel of Time on Prime, and Hawkeye and Thor 3 on Disney Plus). Both on the native TV apps, but have tried on Fire Stick via HDMI too. Same issue, in the same places.

Samsung support suggested trying a power cycle and a reset, which I did and oddly solved the Prime issue with Wheel of Time but has since returned and remains on the Disney shows. I've double checked the settings again and it all should be fine. I tried the secret menu and couldn't find anything to disable HDR either (it looks a bit washed out all the time if I'm honest).

Watching Sky (standard HD, not 4K) via HDMI looks lovely, and have no issues. Guess I've got to return it but I can't decide if I swap it for the same model, or if it's an underlying Samsung issue (or a HDR+ issue maybe)? But I can't see any thing online about it.

And if I do swap for something else, what do I go for? I previously had a 32inch 10 year old Samsung which was great, but this one just isn’t doing it with the stupid brightness issue. Maybe the LG at Argos

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