Samsung UE40ES5500 - HDMI/Freeview HD interaction problems


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I recently bought a Samsung UE40ES5500 LED TV and overall am very pleased with it. I've been having a strange problem when using it with my PS3 with an HDMI connection though.

If the PS3 is switched off but the HDMI lead connected everything works fine. If however I turn the PS3 on then all Freeview HD channels suddenly lose signal. I'm able to watch SD channels but not HD ones.

Also whilst using the PS3 as the active source I noticed that sound would occasionally cut out for a split second and the screen would sometimes flicker.

This hasn't caused major problems as it's not common to have the PS3 switched on while wanting to watch TV (usually one or the other!) but it's still annoying knowing that something's not quite right and the sound problem could get annoying, particularly when watching DVDs or Blurays. I've updated the firmware to the latest version 1023.2 but this doesn't seem to have fixed things.

I was wondering if anybody else had experienced similar problems or might have ideas as to any ways to fix it?


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A very common cause of losing a Freeview MUX is a faulty HDMI lead so try a replacement first.


Yes, the audio and video effects say HDMI cable or sockets.

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