Samsung ue40d7000 PVR Issue.


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I have a problem with a 500gb laptop drive I use for PVR recording on my Sammy Series 7 Smart TV. The drive for no known reason has suddenly become unallocated!

I say unallocated because the TV recognises the drive and will record but only after a format, as if the drive is new to the TV, which is clearly isn't.

All the files remain on the disc but the TV no longer sees the root it seems. This has now happened twice, the first time a few months ago. I'm guessing there is a maximum file number the TV can deal with or maximum size of storage it can except, I can't think of another reason as the disc is good and only even been used for this but both times I did have a fair few programmes recorded, though a small proportion of the 500gb considering the size.

Anyone have a similar story or suggestion for a fix? I'm gonna try to copy the files over as a raw disc copy and see if a smaller disc will work. I'm poking around in the dark basically as I'd really like to recover the recordings.


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Is the laptop drive powered by the TV? At a guess it could be that when the TV is switched on and off it's not letting the drive power down correctly. Although in saying that I have managed to record stuff on timer with the TV off and they worked fine, and that using a 2.5 drive powered by the TV.

The only problem I have had with it so far is the HDD was not detected after a couple days so I couldn't use the drive, had to reformat it to get it working again. Don't know if that helps.
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