Samsung UE40C6530 / UE40C6510 v Phillips 37PFL7605 v Sharp LC40LE811e


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Hello everyone!

I have been carefully looking for a 1080p 100 Hz 37 or 40 inch LED (not 3D) TV for my bedroom, the best that I can get between £500-£700. I've settled on these 3 manufacturers for this purpose so won't be looking at any others. I favour a crisp, bright, colourful screen rather than an especially naturalistic one. I know that that, in the mass market that i am looking at, LED TVs means LCD TVs with LED backlighting and I know that some only have edge backlighting (like Samsung) and some have full backlighting (like Sharp) but that there are arguably equal but different picture benefits to both in any case, and with edge backlighting allowing an even thinner screen. I'd just like to be able to watch TV , play games or maybe watch a Blu-ray if I do get a Blu-ray player or PS3 without having to fiddle about too much with the set. A mass of features is not important to me - if I want to use the internet I will use my computer downstairs instead. I don't need to be able to rewind TV (which is why I have put the cheaper Sharp model rather than the extremely similar Sharp LC40LE821e which is about £100 dearer for only that difference).

Sharp: (No 37 inch version of this particular model) Best price I've seen at the moment: £541. Advantage: Said to have the longest history in LED TV making. The unique novelty of the Sharp compared to any other manufacturer at all is that this has Quattron- 4 colour technology- Red, Green, Blue and Yellow instead of just Red, Green and Blue. They say that this can produce 1000 times more colours than their rivals. At the very least yellows will probably look better. I have read that it has a 4 millisecond response rate and 500,000:1 contrast (I know that advertised contrast doesn't necessarily mean much). Disadvantage: Doesn't look quite as thin as the Samsung. Any other disadvantages that you know of?

Samsung: The 37 inch version of this is the same price or very similar as the 40 inch in many places. Best price I've seen at the moment: £662. Advantage: A more prolific HDTV maker than the other 2 and I have traditionally been drawn to Samsung's styling as a brand. I love the styling with the sheet of glass in front, the chicken foot stand, the thinness of the screen (more important to me than a slight increase in picture quality) and the choice between a black TV (C6530) or a white one (C6510) - any advice on that? I am thinking of the white one if I get the Samsung. Disadvantage: Has a reputation for having the worst sound of the 3, not helped by the thinness of the set. I have read some glowing reviews but also some reports of lines on the set during panning. I read that it has the slowest response time of the three (of 5 milliseconds). Samsung typically say that it has 'Mega Contrast' but does that really mean 1000,000: 1 or is it just like saying 'Megadrive'?

Philips: Best price I've seen at the moment: £599. The dark horse of the 3? Not seen in many shops. Advantages: Probably the best reputation of the 3 for sound (but picture quality is my main consideration). Ambilight sounds interesting (although, unlike the Phillips 8605 model above it, it's on 2, not 4, sides of the TV) but I wasn't planning on hanging it on my wall so will I actually be able to see it? I read that it has a 2 millisecond response rate (the fastest of the 3) and 'Mega Contrast' (see above).
Disadvantages: From what I've seen in pictures, the remote control doesn't aesthetically appeal to me. I haven't actually seen one of these TVs yet.

If anyone has any opinions about these please can you post them (especially interested in what they are like for gaming). Many thanks, Paul.
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