SAMSUNG UE32D5000 32" - Anywhere inc 5yr guarantee ?


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bit out of touch with TV's (still running a 28" CRT in the lounge :laugh:)

looking to convert a small home office into a 2nd lounge for our kids (and me when the wifes annoying me ;)).

Need a flatscreen TV which can be wall mounted and was thinking of 32" - from 5 feet (1.5m) viewing distance is 32" a good large-ish but not too big size to go for ?

Any suggestions on models - would like to hook-up a PC, freeview or freesat and would like internet ready for lovefilm/iplayer etc.

Was hoping to get something for £300-£400 ideally.

Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated.
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Just starting to think I may be getting hung up on 1080p - do I need 1080p for viewing a 32" from 5-6 feet viewing distance or will 720p do fine ?

I have got a Sony BDP-S185 blue ray player with lovefilm/bbc iplayer and we will be connecting a PC up and using the TV as a monitor for kids homework and web browsing.

Have been looking for 1080p but wondering if something like this will actually do the job nicely for a 2nd lounge/kids room:
Buy Panasonic Viera TX-L32C4B HD Ready LCD TV, 32 Inch with Built-in Freeview HD online at JohnLewis.com


1080p is almost standard and shouldn't make much difference to prices, and as you have a BR Player you need it anyway if you want best use of your discs.


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Agree having looked around, silly not to get 1080p for the difference in price it makes.

Looking at the Samsung D5000 but can't find it at any of the usual 5 year guarantee places ie. Richersounds, JL and M&S.

Can only see it at Currys for £329 but only with 1 yr guarantee:
SAMSUNG UE32D5000 32" Full HD LED TV buy online | Currys


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Picked up a Samsung EU32D5000 today from Currys, £329.00

Was also considering the Sony CX523 but in the flesh the Samsung aesthetically looked a million dollars compared to the rather hum-drum Sony (IMHO). Didn't think it was worth judging the picture quality of each set in Currys as never know how well they are setup.

Would rather have bought somewhere with 5yr guarantee but JL, Richer etc don't seem to stock this model so had to go with Currys in the end.

Anyway, set it up this afternoon and so far am delighted with the purchase.

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