Samsung UE-55D7005 or Panasonic VT30E? 55"


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Hi there! New here, but been lurking a lot.

I recently moved to Stockholm and I need a new TV! I´ve been researching the net like crazy and even went to a local store to check out TV´s but I´m still at a loss :( That´s where you folks come in!

At the store every TV I looked at was phenomenal, so that didn´t really help me a lot, perhaps I´m just not picky. It´s my first HDTV after all anyways, I used to hook my xbox to a PC monitor, which worked well enough for me. But yes, I´d like a tv now because I look at movies a lot.

After reading thread after thread I found out that the Samsung has clouding issues and that the Panasonic has green blobs on the screen, and 50hz whatever that may mean bug. Not exactly what I was hoping to find :/

We have a D8000 at work (it was only a 46" though) and I noticed no clouding whatsoever... Ok there´s a little bit but who cares. Definitely not as bad as some pictures I´ve found on the net o_O I´m used to looking at my laptop screen, I don´t know what "black" really is ;). I checked out the Panasonic (65" or something at the store) and the 3D was really, really impressive. Think it was better than the Samsung but yeah... I can deal with lighting inconsistencies but green blobs? Really? :s Even I would be able to notice that!

Is this really how you´re supposed to make your choice? "Ok, this TV seems to have less issues". Kind of disappointing at this price range.

Some info about me:
Will use the TV in a dimly lit room, will game on it, will watch movies often. And I love 3D, although there´s not that much content so that´ll only happen occasionally anyways. I don´t need the internet stuff...

The only difference between the 2 TV´s seems that the Panasonic has a better image quality + 3D but might suffer from flaws (green blobs, etc...). The samsung does not seem to have these issues, only the light bleeding which I´m pretty sure I can live with since I hardly noticed it on that D8000 at work. Both seem to have excellent response times so gaming should be excellent.

So yeah :lease:? Everyone seems to like the Panasonic but I´m not sure I can live with the flaws. That´s why I was thinking: better safe than sorry... and go for the samsung which I´m pretty sure I´ll enjoy...

Anything I´m missing here? Could really use some advice on this one!
Thank you a lot! :smashin:


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Samsung LED has clouding and back light bleed issues, you want to look at the D8000 plasma not LCD. Green blob doesn't effect all sets my GT30 is fine, I also dont notice the 50hz issue. Black means how black black is on the set, blacks means the darker part of the picture, the darker the black level the richer the image. The Samsung D8000 plasma has a slightly lighter black level but can go brighter than the Panasonic. All sets have issues sadly, how bad the issue is can depends on your environment, your eyes and a bit of luck with the set you get. People see issues others may not. Both are very good sets, the Panasonic has better 3D and out the box arguably better 2D and less IR, just. The Samsung is cheaper, can go brighter and I believe has slightly better SD scaling. Most differances arent huge so its best to go demo both sets in a proper demo room if possiable.


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Thank you for the advice! Unfortunately, the Samsung plasma only comes in 51" and 59" and not the 55" that I want :s
Perhaps I should reconsider 51" and go from there.
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