Samsung UA50F5500 type not editable in service menu | image flipped


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Dear forum,

After a lightning strike the input ports of my Samsung TV (UE46F5370) turned dead. I found the same mainboard for a very cheap price so I thought I give it a try to replace it. The change worked so far, however the image is upside down. The mainboard is from a UA50F5500 which is now the type shown.

I read that I need to change the type of the TV in the service menu. However, the type is greyed out and I cannot edit it (hospitality mode is turned off already). Another option is to flip the image but I cannot find any corresponding option in the service menu.

Can anyone help me to change the type or guide me under which cryptic name the flip option of the F5500 is hidden?

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There are videos on yoo toob that may help, such as

Samsung TV Flip/Invert Picture Upside Down. (Mirror Mode) with Service Menu

or the comments below that video offer some info for other models (as well as other videos to watch)

Good luck.


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I found a solution and the image is all fine now :). I used my Logitech Harmony Remote to get the "Factory" and "3Speed" command in order to be able to edit the greyed out items. With that I entered the model number from my previous mainboard in the service menu. In case someone also comes across this issue, here is the description how to do it (follow method 2, in German):

HbbTV auf Samsung TVs aktivieren

New mainboard in Samsung TV and the Secret Service Menu

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