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Samsung TV's, what to go for?


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Hi guys, I would love some help in choosing my next TV, should be made by Samsung and 40" and I have about 600-900 to spend
I've been looking at the LE40D6530 (LED) and the LE40C750
but what do you guys think about the 6100? and how much has the LED evolved because I did have a LE46C5000 a few months back and it went back within 2 days because of clouding, wouldn't like that to happen again =/
any info on those would be much appreciated

P.S. I will use that TV for Movies and Gaming (currently have a pioneer plasma but don't want a plasma because of burning but would like something with the same kind of colours)



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Samsung UA40D6000SR 40” LED HDTV should be good for you. Not so expensive and comes with 200 ms refresh rate which is significant if you are looking forward to playing games on it.


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I would reconsider Plasma for a gaming TV. the Panasonic 42" ST30 has a lag time of 16ms which is hard to beat! although for the top end of your budget you could get the GT30 which has slightly longer lag (20-25ms?), but a better filter to give you a great picture, even with ambient lighting


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Thanks for the replies guys,
I love the pioneer and would get one my self, that one isn't mine though just looking after it for my uncle who's hardcore renovating his house atm.
The 3D doesn't bother me in the slightest, in fact I doubt I'd ever use it, maybe once to check the 3D feature on blackops but that's about it
I've not looked at the D6000RS yet but i sure will :smashin:
and last but not least, I did consider the Panasonic GT30 but that same uncle recommended me a LED or LCD due to burn, what are they like with burning?

cheers for the replies


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screen burn really isnt a probelm. you woulg have to watch a stationary image for days if not weeks to get burn.
You might get image retention (IR) which is a temporary effect of the way plasma works, but usually this is only visible if you are looking at a black screen after playing for a while.
Speak to Scooby2000. He has been known to put in 8hr sessions on BF3 on his GT30 and still speaks very highly of it!

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