Samsung TV not powering on Samsung sound bar


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My Samsung TV will not power ON my Samsung sound bar but will power it OFF when I turn the TV off. I have a Samsung TV (PN 64e8000) connected to a Samsung sound bar (HW – J450). The sound bar is connected by an HDMI cable from the sound bars HDMI-Out connection to the TVs HDMI-2 ARC connection. ANYNET+ connection is powered on for both the TV and the sound bar. Also the sound bar is set to I updated the firmware to the most current version and I have tried multiple HDMI cables just in case the cable might have been bad.

Also of note: when I go into the Tools menu under Anynet+ and select device list the soundbar does not appear there although my other HDMI connections do appear in the device list. When I do a refresh of the list I see that it finds the soundbar but still does not put it in the list.

I chatted with Samsung support and we tried doing it with the optical connection (removing the HDMI cable at this point) and the power on feature still did not work.

has anyone else come across this problem and if so were you able to get it fixed?


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HDMI CEC is just plain flaky and symptoms like yours are common.
That was a poor suggestion Samsung support gave you and they obviously don't know their own products or what HDMI CEC is by the sounds of it.
In order for HDMI CEC auto-switching to work the TV and Soundbar need to be HDMI, it can't work without it and it can't work with an optical connection on it’s own.


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Might be different terminology but D.IN on my hw-h551 is the optical in. I also have HDMI, USB, BT and TV (soundconnect). If so it would surely need to be set to hdmi not D.IN?

Also, Samsung support did have some idea of what they were doing as mine has the following

Using the AUTO POWER LINK function
If you connect the main unit to a TV with a digital optical cable, set the Auto
Power function ON to have the Soundbar turn on automatically when you turn the TV on.

Would need an optical connection present hence the some idea rather than full idea of what they were doing lol


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I've no idea if the OP's soundbar has that feature which is different from CEC.
That uses a sensor on the optical input and when it detects sound from the TV's optical out it switches on.
I've come across that feature on some inexpensive soundbars.


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My point is that the OP says it was set to D.IN rather than HDMI

And would hardly say this is a feature on inexpensive soundbars?

Anyway, I've downloaded the hw-j450 manual to check if it has the optical in auto on function and it does but its setup in a different way using the auto power button on the remote

Auto Power Link: Synchronizes the Soundbar to a connected Optical source via the Optical jack so it turns on automatically when you turn
on your TV.
(Auto Power Link : Default OFF, ON-Anynet+ / OFF-POWER LINK or OFF-Anynet+ / ON-POWER LINK ). The Anynet+ function lets you control the Soundbar with the remote from an Anynet+ compatible Samsung TV. The Soundbar must be connected to the TV via an HDMI
* Anynet+ Press the AUTO POWER button to turn the Anynet+ function on or off.

Looks like there are various options depending on if you want nothing, optical, optical and anynet or just anynet to power on the soundbar?

What doesn't make sense is the ARC instructions on pg17 and can see why the OP had it set to D.IN

1. Connect the TV supporting ARC to the Soundbar with an HDMI cable.
2. Turn on the TV, and turn on the Soundbar’s Anynet+.
3. Press the input button on the main unit’s top panel or the (SOURCE) button on the remote control to select the D.IN mode.

On the very same page it's says D.IN is the input for optical in?


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First I want to say thank you to each of you for your replies. Jay53 I will go ahead and try your steps outlined above. I do have 2 questions, 1) does the receiver option need to be set on or off on my TV? 2) I am assuming that I can only have either an optical connection or an HDMI connection I cannot have both at the same time correct?


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You should be able to have both hdmi and optical connected between them and then select which one the sound bar switches on with by selecting the appropriate auto power option.

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