Samsung TV Media Player - switches to pcm when surround codec changes


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I had this issue both with an old Samsung and a recent one.

1st Setup:
Samsung UE46C6200 -> optical cable -> Teufel Decoder Station

2nd Setup:
Samsung S51E6500 -> HDMI ARC -> Marantz S5006

I use the internal media player to play mostly mkvs with either DD or DTS.
The problem occurs when playing two files in a row and the audio codec changes from DD to DTS or the other way around.
The tv then always switches the SPDIF output setting to pcm.

I didn't find a way to force the tv to always use DTS and DD and prevent it from switching back to PCM.

I think the problem is not setup related but a problem of the internal media player.

Did anyone see the same behaviour or, even better, knows a solution?

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