Samsung TV IR sensor not responding to remote controller.


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Hi, my Samsung TV IR sensor not responding to remote controller. I guest I need to do factory reset because I tried all the other option. I tried different remote from other Samsung TV. I tried new IR sensor. I tried just Normal restart TV. I was wondering how I can other way to do factory reset. I was looking at main board but I couldn't find any hard reset pin. Also I was trying to connect my phone via WiFi to control TV but I can't press on the TV to allow button when it's connecting to the TV. Any other way to do factory reset or to control TV with phone or laptop?


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You haven’t given the model no of your TV?
IR sensors on TV's rarely go wrong.
What about the TV's original remote control?…it's more likely to develop a fault than the TV, did you test the remote, change the batteries, try another remote etc?
Another remote from another Samsung model is not guaranteed to work, it may use different IR codes.
TV's don't have reset pins.
A reset is normally an option within the TV's normal menu but is not guaranteed to cure no remote control operation.
Depending on how up-to-date your TV is there may be a Samsung app for a mobile phone that can control it.


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Many thanks for your replay.
TV model - eu50ru7100k
I tried not even one remote from other Samsung TVs. Also I tried to replace IR sensor but still no luck. I was thinking it's should be possible to reset on eeprom just to connect two contact. Also I tried to use app on my phone via WiFi but still no luck because when phone was connecting with tv than on TV pop-up option to Allow or Cancel connection but I can't choose because I don't have with what...


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On the pop-up try using the Vol + or CH Up buttons on the TV to confirm the “Allow” option.

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