Samsung TV Audio setup woes with ARC and Optical

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by zarkrax, Apr 26, 2016.

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    For the last six plus years I have had a Sony KDL-32ex401 TV and a Sony HT-AS5 surround sound system .
    I have had no problems with this set up apart from the odd occasion where it forgets the HDMI devices that are attached to it.

    Just recently I bought an XBOX One and this is where the trouble began...

    When the playing games I could barely read the font,so I decided it was time for a new bigger TV.

    After doing a bit of research I decided to go for a Samsung UE48JU6445 as I'm hoping to get another six years from the TV I wanted to future proof it as much as I can so I thought 4K would be the way to go with smart TV functionality for Netflix and Amazon prime and other new apps thay may appear.

    So when first connecting it up I was quite excited at long last I would be able to use ARC which the receiver supports but my old TV never did. So keeping all the connections in the back of the receiver my first plan was only to use ARC for the TV apps.This didn't go to well as the receiver kept trying to switch source to the TV when watching another HDMI source.

    Ok so I thought I would plug in everything in the back of the TV and use ARC to the receiver. That worked quite well until I realised that the PCM from the TV was only sending was 2 channel audio. So l changed it to 5.1 and that was ok but I had the occasional audio drop out lasting a few seconds. I tried a shorter HDMI cable made no difference.

    So I then decided to use optical and switch off ARC on the receiver as I read 5.1 ARC can be flaky. I was surprised I had the same occasional dropout over optical I wasn't expecting that and it never did this on my old TV then I remembered my old TV would not output 5.1 only 2.0. But even so; optical always used to be work on my old SKY Box on 5.1 so I was expecting the optical connection to be more stable. (I had already tried two different optical cables) I was starting to wish I could go back to COAX Digital out!

    I then decided to switch off CEC and plug all the HDMI connections back into the receiver my logic being the receiver would stop switching to TV. When I did this I got an occasional black screen for a second when watching a program (No idea why and I never really investigated this issue much as I was getting fed up with the whole thing, but I may have only switched off CEC on the TV and not the receiver as well, though I didn't think that would make a difference) So plugged all the HDMI devices back in the TV.

    As I have been meaning to replace my old 5.1 surround sound with a 2.1 sound bar and because of the issues I had, this expedited my plan to purchase one, so to keep compatibly I went for the same manufacturer and I bought a Samsung HW-J450 and to my surprise I had same issue over ARC 5.1 but ok with PCM 2.0 the next stage was going to buy an HDMI lead that was HDMI High speed v2.0 compatible.

    Then I thought I would give the TV Soundconnect (Connect soundbar over Bluetooth) feature a bash. I dismissed this originally because I thought a wired connection would be better. Well this works great but I still ended up switching CEC off as an HDMI device kept trying to grab the picture.

    So all is working now with no issues on the audio and I am pleasantly surprised at the sound quality over bluetooth I can't tell any difference over the wired connection, and nor could anyone else and it's less wires!

    But what a lot of faffing about with all the different configurations! But at least I can use the tv remote to control the sound bar it switches on and off with the TV and its all stable now.

    Perhaps in another six years I won't buy anymore kit and keep my sanity!

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