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Samsung TV and Home Entertainment system - intermittent no signal issues HDMI or other issue?


Novice Member
Hi all,

Newbie post after much trawling on here and the net for an answer, hoping someone can help:

I have a Samsung TV (PS59D6900) along with the Samsung Home entertainment system (HT-e5550).

Eveything has been working fine until recently, now when I try to watch movies via the home ent. system (plugging in a hard drive to the USD port of the home ent system), the picture is lost intermittently and then may reppear after a short while or after the message appears on screen "no signal..check connected devices power, cable connection, and source selection". This happens intermittently, there is no issue with the sound, the TV runs off Virgin Media and there is never any issues when this.

The connections are all via HDMI cables, Virgin to home ent, home ent to TV

Things I have tried and that havent worked:

It was running through HDMI 2 so I switched to HDMI 1/DVI
replaced the HDMI with another new cable
used a new USB pen rather than the hard drive with the movies
reset both the TV and home entertainment
clear and reset of the EDID on the TV
connected the home ent and TV via the Samsung BD wise and then disconnected this on both
disconnected both devices from the internet
disconnected the Samsung anytime option

Be grateful for any other pointers as I can't think what else is left!




Distinguished Member
If it used to work until recently, and nothing has changed, the chances are strong that something (most likely the central unit of the HT-e5550) has broken down and will need fixing or replacing.

If something did change, what was it?


Novice Member
Thanks Mark for replying, nothing at all has been changed, the only change was the input from HDMI 2 to HDMI 1/AVI and the HDMI cable replaced but due to the issue so I put that back to the original.

If you much about these systems would you know if there is a like for like replacement, the 5 speaker wires are all run under the flooring and if I can replace with a plug and play maybe that would be better than trying to source a replacement central unit as its quite old? but I'm guessing speaker wire has mostly moved onto bluetooth wireless now... I



Distinguished Member
There are lots of modern systems., most of which still using speaker wires. Bluetooth wireless replaces the problem of speaker wire with electrical wire (something has to power the speakers), and many people have the same speaker wire legacy installation you and I have. Google wired home cinema system.

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