Samsung turn IFA into a technological showcase


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Not sure you can trust any comparison setup by a manufacterer.

Ive seen a LG 960 OLED, next to a JS9500 and both have been calibrated and theres no comparison.

Sure some LCD/LED TVs can go really bright but only on a small portion of the screen and then you start to lose the black to grey gradient anyway.

Plus Samsung fail to mention its peak brightness is only on 10% of the screen, i think the Panny OLED is 30% and other JS models get beat convincingly for brightness by much lesser cheaper models, like the X8505C and CX700B.

Obviously Samsung arent going to say negatives about their own products, but they arent the all singing all dancing products they think they are.

Plus the one connect boxes really arent upgradeable either, total scam promising 4 years of support and giving 1.


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Samsung is pushing hard to develop a less than perfect but sustainable and highly profitable TV technology.It must be hard for them to even land a single KO at Oled that will stick for long.
But I like Samsung with their other Appliances but they have no logistical answer to LG's WOled eventual dominance or the Chinese(Hisense)cheap and value for money LED TV invasion.It is coming to these shores and others will follow.Business is War.
The Oled Far East alliance as VAK had said will mean Chinese made high end Oled television with LG's blessings adding further to Samsung's woes.LG will try to stop Samsung from ever getting a foothold in Oled even if It means sharing techonlogy with the Chinese.


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Roll on UHD Blu Ray players! My TV is being wasted!!

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