Samsung (The Frame 2019) and switch sound source when Sonos Beam connected to HDMI?


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I have a Samsung (The Frame 2019) that i have connected a Sonos Beam to via the HDMI (ARC), and it works fine with the Sonos Beam together with my 2 Sonos One as surround! ;-)

However, we tried to connect the bluetooth headphones to the Samsung TV (to be able to watch TV without disturb others).
So I paired the bluetooth headphones to the Samsung TV, and on the Samsung TV chosed sound settings and instead of sound source HDMI, then selected the Bluetooth headphones.
The sound went into the bluetooth speakers and everything seem to be fine..... ....for about 3 secounds... and then automatically the Samsung TV switched back to use the HDMI (ARC) with the Sonos Beam as source again! :-(

The only way I was able to "fool" this system/setting was to actually unplug the HDMI cable that the Sonos Beam was connected with, then I could select another sound source, like the bluetooth headphone (or even the Samsung TV speakers). But once the Sonos Beam was connected again to the Samsung TV (via the HDMI (ARC)) it was impossible to switch and select for example the bluetooth headset as as speaker.. (for more than 3 seconds...).

What's wrong here, or is this "impossible" to do (switch from the via HDMI (ARC) connected Sonos Beam to instead get the sound to the headphones instead..?)?

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Just found that exactly my issue is describe here:

Great to find out that "I'm not alone..."
...but frustrating to see that there are not yet any fix for this issue! :-(

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