Samsung T5 not being recognised in Windows 10


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Hi all, I normally manage to fix things myself but this has me stumped. Yesterday I downloaded new Bootcamp drivers onto my MBP and formatted a USB stick. My T5 was also plugged in. I booted into Windows and installed the drivers. Suddenly my T5 stopped being recognised.
I can see it in Disk Manager and can assign a drive letter then it opens and all the files are there but this is a ball ache. So, I reformatted it and still have the same problem. When I plug it in the Samsung software install pops up listed as Drive E. When I type in the password for the drive this box disappears but so does the drive.
Would it help to get rid of this 'hidden partition' or will that bork it up?
Took me almost 24 hours to back up the data (its 1TB) with what I have at hand so don't want to reformat again and lose all the data.
Any ideas? I have run CHKDSK and there are no problems and all files open fine. It just wont show up as an external drive on any machine I tried plugging it into.


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I realise I probably borked up leaving it plugged in while formatting another drive (Apple did warn me to remove all drives) but that ship has sailed now anyway. I cant see how its all still there and can be assigned a letter but, once removed, its gone again...a lifetime of data is on here (I have backups of various bits in the UK) so Im quite desperate to get it working again.

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