Samsung T24A350 LED TV Poor image quality on LED TV

Colin JPY

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I have a Samsung T24A350 HD TV. Direct connection to aerial, strong freeview signal.
But often the close-ups of faces show a strange reflection that looks like animation imagery. Hard to describe. The colour on these parts looks like painting rather than true video. Although an HD TV we are not using it with any HD equipment. Reducing colour setting seems to improve, but then colours are nearly black and white. (This problem occurs on all channels as well as DVD player connected)
Hope you can help!
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Tight Git

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This problem occurs on all channels as well as DVD player connected
Which shows it's not a Freeview problem and so should be in the tv section! :)

First move is to turn off all the video processing and see what a "basic" picture looks like.

Sometimes the so-called enhancements make matters worse.

Colin JPY

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Thanks for pointing that out, I do feel a bit stupid for not deducing the obvious! Don't quite know how to move it into TV section. Anyway, I did try re-setting to factory default and then checking picture on BBC1 channel. The strange shadowy marks still appear especially on close ups. I wonder if the HD setting is not coping with the normal signal?


Moved to TV's

Colin JPY

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Thanks for moving it to TV's. Searching this section has been helpful. I think the picture problem I'm experiencing must be what's referred to as "solarisation".

Colin JPY

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I googled and found this advice form a help forum: "Solarization, also called polarization, is another common fault you'll find in standard LCD televisions. When the screen becomes solarized, you'll notice that faces appear blotchy and there is a problem with consistently blended color, with patches of off hues in various spots on the screen. The good news about solarization is that the problem isn't permanent but just requires a firmware update on your set. To get your television's picture back to normal, you simply need to call the manufacturer and they can help you by providing a USB flash drive that is plugged in to the television. From there, you just follow the on-screen instructions."
Hope this will be helpful to other readers.

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