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    Yesterday I purchased a Samsung LED-3D TV and today I registered the TV on line with no problem. The unit I purchased include two sets of 3D glasses and when I tried to register the glasses on the Samsung site it would not regcognize the serial number on the glasses.

    I tried to use their customer support system using chat and it sent me into never neverland. I had a response and then they told me that the support person couldn't answer my question and asked me to wait for the next support person who never responded.

    I tried their email and I received a response that asked me for the specific model and serial number date purchased etc but told me I could not respond directly to this email and it looped me back to their support site where my problems began.

    I am concerned that if there is no support for an accessory what happens if I have a problem with my TV? I guess real custome support is a thing of the past. Should I just return the TV to the retailer and be done with it or does someone know how to get real support from Samsung.


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