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Samsung SP50LZHX with HDMI

Discussion in 'TVs' started by geezasid, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. geezasid


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    I've been looking at the recent reviews on this screen in a few magazines, and I'm quite impressed. As I'm looking for a large screen which can handle standard (with terrible reception) television, and also perform well with dvd material (unlike the pioneer plasmas), it seems like a good choice. In addition to this, my main requirement (which ruled out the panasonic plasmas) is full HD compatability.

    I've noticed a couple of comments however, that the Samsung suffers from a 'green dot' problem specifically when using a HDMI connection. For me this is a pretty big issue, as this should be the best quality connection available. It was my intention to spend another £1k on a HDMI DVD player to get best quality for movies, but whats the point if Scart looks better!

    So my questions are - Is anybody able to comment on this issue, having seen the Sammy in action with HDMI connection? Also, it has been mentioned that HD material is available through the component connection also, but I thought HD was limited to HDMI and DVI. Any advice?

    Cheers guys,

    PS - Is anybody else frustrated that electronics manufacturers can't be bothered to produce quality high definition equipment for the UK?
  2. AV Junky

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    Oct 30, 2002
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    Cheshire, UK
    I too have seen a review where this problem with less than perfect images on HDMI occurs. With any luck Samsung will take notice. It is most likely to remedied by them, in my opinion, if the picture is less than spotless (pardon the pun!) when connected to their own HD-945 player. No excuses for them there!

    Best bet would be to try and find a 'tame' Currys, where they will let you connect e.g. a Panny S97 to it using HDMI. You could then demo for yourself. A not unreasonable request for a £3.5 purchase, I think.

    HD can be sent over component, and indeed is so right now in the States and other countries that have HDTV already. The digital connection is only mandatory when the material being transmitted is protected using HDCP. This cannot be sent over component. The reality is though that over time more and more of HDTV content is going to have HDCP. Is quite likely to follow the pattern being seen in Japan at the moment, where some very unhappy consumers are finding themselves unable to record some programmes because of new copy-protection being added by the broadcasters.

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