Samsung SP50L7HXX/XEU and Harmony 885

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by Jordans Norks, Mar 20, 2006.

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    OK, I searched the relevant threads and couln't find an answer to my question but apologies if I've missed something.

    Bascially I've ordered a Harmony 885 and tried to pre-setup the my account and config using the logitech website.

    My issue is that I can not find the exact model type of my TV and all then ones I've tried have the wrong inputs and the "add inputs" option is disabled. (I'm assuming the inputs don;t show scart as the US versions are being selected).

    Before I call logitechs support I'd thought I'd as whether anyone else has successfully added a Samsung SP50L7HXX/XEU DLP to a harmony 885 - the TV seems quite popular so fingers I really can't think I'm the first to see this issue.

    Obvioulsy if no one can help I'll post the fix /advice that Logitech give - I'm also aware I can add the TV myself and use raw settings to configure myself but I'm lazt and rather not :)

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