Samsung SP50L7HXX opinions please.


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I went to John Lewis on Saturday to have a look for a plasma screen for the living room and that's when I saw the Samsung SP50L7HXX in all it's glory. Monster Inc looked amazing on it.

So we are thinking of getting one but I was wondering what people on here thought about it and if anyone here has one.

The John Lewis price is £2,495 with a 5 year guarantee.

Can I get it cheaper else where and hopefully get John Lewis to price match?

Their price matching only seems to work when they want it to.

I've found two reviews here:

and here:

Both reviews say it's a pretty great screen.

What do you lot think about it?

Has any one got any pictures of it set up and working?



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has anyone got one of these in the derby/notts/leicestershire region i can come at take a look at set up properly, thats how i would like to see it before i buy one?

i agree with above, looks a nice set, good value pound per inchage, if you know what i mean :)

regarding price, i am sure you will be able to get it cheaper, ive seen it for about 1800 online, and you cold buy a 3 yr warranty on top of that and still get it cheaper than JL


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Avwow do this display for £1,799 with the 2-tier side stand.

I had a look at this set in Currys yesterday. A budget DVD player (Samsung) was connected via HDMI. The picture quality was very impressive. Unfortunately, I was not able to adjust the not so optimum in-store settings, as they had lost the remote! :rolleyes:

I am presently torn between the SP50 and Sony KDFE50A12 screens. I think the Sony 50" represents excellent value for money @ circa £1,200.




The SP50 can be purchased from Currys for £1551 using the following voucher codes and purchasing using an Egg Money Card with 10% cash back.

Free Delivery when you spend over £199
£100 off when you spend over £1000
- 100OFF1000_CANDG

The egg money card requires you to purchase via a link on their site. I have checked my egg balance and the 10% was deducted straight away.


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Reznor, the Samsung is great. I don't think ANYONE ever regretted buying one. But do shop around, though.



Bear in mind that John Lewis will price match - some forum members have reported BIG discounts from JL price-matching on this set.

But the real sweetner is that they will also include a free 5 year warranty with it.

Plus their after sales service is second to none.


The usual ones like Comet, Currys etc. Just do a forum search for "John Lewis" and "price match".


Hi Guy's I have just ordered the Samsung SP50 from JL Nottingham store for £1844 including delivery (I live approx 45mile from N'ham).

I got them to price match Crampton and Moore who's price was £1799 + £45 del = £1844. :smashin:

I ordered it Saturday It's being delivered on Thursday, not bad if you ask me :thumbsup:

I could have got it slightly cheaper online but the 5 yr warrenty you get from JL swung it for me!

Hope this helps.



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Just to add my view as an owner of this set.

I have had the set for over six months now so if their was a honeymoon period it would defiantly be over.

This is the best TV I have ever owned. In fact it is probably one of the best buys AV wise I have made. I am as happy now as the day I bought it. I use it for:

---Sport(football rugby) -- surprisingly good even with poor feed. Blows LCDs out of the water IMHO.
---General PC use

There are some issues:

Pixel mapping not perfect for PC use. This has been discussed at length in another thread and Samsung are looking into it.

Rainbows. Should be aware of them. All I can say is I have had a lot of people come round and watch the TV. No one has complained. But if you are an unlucky one then it can be an issue.


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Reznor said:
Do you know what stores John lewis has priced matched with?
They'll match pretty well anybody who sells through a bricks & mortar store, but not web-only or web prices. They are much less restrictive with matching than the "usual suspects" are. And much better when it comes to after sales.


Just took delivery of my SP50 and it was price matched by John Lewis I got them to price match Crampton and Moore who's price was £1799 + £45 del = £1844!!!

thanks Pete872


andywilliams007 can you tell me where the link is that you mentioned on the Egg website. My wife has an Egg card and that sounds like a great offer.


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I like the look of the set but isn't the screen rather high for comfortable viewing from an armchair?


andywilliams007 can you tell me where the link is that you mentioned on the Egg website. My wife has an Egg card and that sounds like a great offer.

just go into the Egg website and into the section on the right hand side that says Egg money


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Bat-man said:
I like the look of the set but isn't the screen rather high for comfortable viewing from an armchair?

Yeah I agree - when I went to have a viewing of this set I was put off by the height of it. I know that if you view this screen off-axis (especially the vertical) the picture degrades significantly. Have people generally found this to be a problem?


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the height of the tv is perfect. I have had no problems at all


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From everything I've seen and heard the only 3 drawbacks are:
1/Decent but not great connectivity for set of £2K
2/The central stand looks funky, but is complete nightmare if you've much kit, like a big AV system, and there is no right hand glass unit (no you cant use 2 lefts). This was my sole reason for going sagem over samsung, because I didn't know where to stick my centre speaker.
3/It's extremely heavy.


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Sorry if I offended you with my crap reasons. But if you've got £2K of surround speakers it's a bit of a problem if you have nowhere to place the centre. This is a real issue with the centre pillar design on this TV mentioned by several members on other posts.


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screen height perfect,still one of the best dlp,s around . dont know were you are coming from as regards to connectivity.all i know is it gives a stunning picture and i mean stunning,and if you read any of the av mags it still gets the five stars even against the new sets that are out now. i accept that there is a issue with the centre speaker,but like many other people i manage to fit all of my av equipment with the stand that comes with the set. and i bet your set doesnt smile at you .

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