Samsung SP50L7HX v Toshiba52"

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    I am new to this forum but would like start with saying a big thanks to all the peole that contribute with their experiences and knowledge as without it many of us would be lost. :clap:

    After many months of investigating and viewing various televisions I have finally managed to narrow my choice of TV down to the following two: :thumbsup:

    Samsung SP50LHXX
    Toshiba 52" DLP

    I know there is quite a difference in styling and price and at the end of the day this really comes down to ones preference as they both more or less do the same in terms of functionality or i'm I completely talking rubbish :rolleyes: and that the Samsung is a far superior model in terms of specification?

    I am also in all honesty inclined more towards the Samsung as my wife also prefers this model. So my other questions are for those who have this Samsung model is there any other issues/problems noted apart from the screen smear thing that alot of you's have mentioned and rainbow effects ? secondly if anyone has bought the samsung from unbeatbale and taken the extra warrantly out does the warranty cover blubs ? and was the glass shelf provided ? (as I noticed that some people have reported that this TV should come with glass shelves that attach to the left of the tv?)

    Finally apart from unbeatable (who are currently stating that they are waiting stock of this tv from the manufacturer) is there any where else that anyone can recommend from purchasing the samsung at that price or cheaper ?

    Thanks in advance

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