Samsung Sp50l7hx discreet IR codes


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Jan 1, 2001
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According to rumour codes exist for direct selection of source and psize

Does anybody know if this is true and if so how I would get them into my Harmony 885
This is exactly my problem. Has anyone found an answer to this? Discreet selection would be great although I've got it successfully scrolling through the menu for inputs rather than switching via next input (I added a dummy menu Item "Menu->" so that it successfully navigates back to the top of the input list and carries on). Anyway, discreet selection would save some precious time and frustration.

Also, and there's another post by Duncan on this too, what can I do about the auto SCART switching on my TV? I can't find a way of turning it off on the TV (but I will if anyone knows how) and I can't believe that Harmony have completely ignored the issue, it wouldn't be hard to fix after all, it maintains "memory" of current inputs so all it has to do is look up the state of devices and cross reference them with whatever SCART device you may have just turned on...

Anyway, system wise it's the same TV mentioned in the topic, Samsung SP50-L7HX (btw to anyone perusing these posts, on the Harmony database the model is prefixed by DLP-...) and I have Sony freeview on SCART 1, games on SCART 2, games on SCART 3 and games on Component (yeah, it's a lot of games :D )

Help, please!
Note when I posted the above

They dont exist - well not according to Samsung and the emai I had from them - I did speak to someone ages back via forums who suggested you may be able to turn unused sources off using service menu - never tried

ALL my sources now route through amp and HDMI switch box and just use HDMI input of TV
I did notice the date of the post, that's why I was hoping you'd found something! :D

I'm pretty close to buying a Pioneer VSX-2016 so maybe I'll do the same...

Cheers, anyway.

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