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I have received my SP50 from Comet and am delighted with the pq. Having said this I wonder if it can be improved . It is connected through what I know as scart cables ( not particularly good ones ) .Please advise if I could connect in another format . Please don't get too technical as I won't understand it.
As an aside , I will be getting a surround system ( perhaps a different forum would be appropriate ) but nevertheless has anyone got the SP50 rigged up successfully with one which includes a DVD recorder ?
I've got the the sp50 set(top class too). Anyway, It's setup with a JVC TH-SW9(wireless rear speakers), JVC DR-M10(dvd recorder), Sky and Xbox over RGB scart. This setup is perfect for myself & herself cos the the th-sw9 is a basic amplifier too. It's connected to the tv as follows:
Head unit-component
recorder-ext 2
the dvd player head unit has it's scart lead going into the vcr out on the sky box. this allows me to use the TV Sound feature on the head unit. This decodes the sound into dolby pro logic for movies, music and gives full channel stereo(all five speakers + sub). We watch dvd's via component(There is a difference).
the dvd recorder get's a rerouted feed from the tv via ext2 and sound is input to aux analog on head unit. it records what ever is being shown on screen at the time. A normal terrestrial feed is a good idea though to record stuff while away/not watching etc.
Finally, the xbox gives a great feed over the advanced scart and 5.1 sound is fed inti the aux digital on the head unit. I'd love to show ya a pic but can't upload it. Hope I haven't confused you even more.
& enjoy the viewing
I'm in a similiar boat to Tony, what you just said Obskure has totally confused me. Thinking about getting one of the samsung home cinema packages, the wife likes everything co-ordinated , but should i wait for one which a dvd recorder with HDMI.

Peoples thoughts are highly encouraged on this issue.
Hi Star fleet!
Sorry for the confusion. thought i was gonna do that. it's just that I can't say enough good things about the JVC TH-SW9. It is only a home cinema in a box, I know, but it is an amplifier too. and saved me alot of money at the time. You see, alot of one box cinema packages don't offer alot in the way of switching if even over 2 channel analog. but this one has a clever feature where by it takes the sound in from whatever your watching on the main scart lead i.e. if it's sky it's plugged into the vcr ouput of the sky box. if it was any of the terresrial channels I used to watch the scart was plugged into the back of the tv and hey presto, I got dolby decoded sound from my ariel viewing.
Basically what I'm trying to say is that yes the one-box cinema packages can be good & until I start building my new house it will suffice nicely. BTW, Here's the dvd recorder via HDMI:- LG RH-7900H on JVC also do excellent recorder/player packages e.g. QP-F90AL, TH-R3
Guys, I'm planning on buying an SP50 also (even the wife likes it :smashin: ).

I have an Arcam AVR300 receiver and intend to connect everything via COMPONENT into the receiver and feed a single output into the SP50.

With the exception of an RF feed, SCART is the weakest link. :D For devices only equipped with SCART, get a JS Tech RGB(SCART) to Component converter.

If you have a DVD player with a HDMI output then use this.


Thanks for the replies .
I am interested in Obskure's set up and will look at the JVC TH SW9 ( it got a good write up in one of the mags ) .
My digibox is a fairly old Grundig GDS210 and it seems that the best I can do is to follow AndoverRed's advice and buy a component convertor.
Am running my DVD player through component into my Samsung SP46 - a major improvement on SCART.

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