Samsung SP50L6 vs Sony KDFE50A12


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Fans of DLP (and LCD),

If you're looking for a competitively priced 50" display then these two sets would appear to be the best options.

I had a look at the Sony yesterday and was pretty impressed with the overall package. There are a few flaws but tell me a display that is aesthetically and picture perfect.

I have yet to see the SP50L6. However, if it is anything like the SP50L7 then it will be an impressive display. I know the SP46L6 has received plenty of praise on this forum, but not much mention of its slightly bigger brother. That may be down to the fact that only Pixmania have it in stock, or so they claim!

I am in the market for a 50" display and presently I like the look and price of the Sony.




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I auditioned both these TV's.

Turned off the Sony looks better, the Sony has the free matching stand and the Sony is cheaper.

For High Definition and upscaled HDMi DVD they are very evenly matched for picture quality. Although the overall contrast was very similar the Samsung picks out dark detail on dark scenes better.

The Samsung also makes a better job of displaying freeview and Sky. The Sony isn't bad when setup it's just the Samsung has fewer artefacts and blocking.

I had to rule out the Samsung because I'm one of the few who is effected by the rainbow issue.
If I wasn't it would be a tough call. All depends on what price you can pick up a Samsung and Stand for and if the difference in price is worth the extra picture quality.

I thought the SP50L7 had a better picture quality than both the 6 and the Sony but the pedestal killed it for me even before the rainbow issue.



The Samsungs all come with free matching stands too.

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saw the sony the other day and have to say its a great thing to look at. I personally really liked the picture but have only a demo at currys of the samsung 46l6 to compare it with. I was sure i was going to get the dlp set but now, i'm just not sure. Same price as well.
It also appears the samsung is rarer than a barrel of rocking horse [email protected] No one has any in stock.

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