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samsung sp50 L7hx update


Standard Member
iv'e had this set now for 16 months and apart from the initial setting up it never fails to give a perfect picture,provided a good feed is going in.none of the settings are ever altered as the picture is so consistant.the icing on the cake is deffinately the hd.what are the views of other owners who have had this set for a fair time?


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i've had mine for 8 months and still really pleased with it, especially with HD.
How many hours have you on the bulb?
How can I check mine?


Active Member
I've had this TV since last november and have been very pleased with it.
However, last night I noticed a thin ''squiggly'' line from exactly halfway along the base of the picture, going from right to left. This was about 6 inches long, inside the screen and on every channel.
It was like a smudge and only noticeable on a very light background but irritating.

Turned the TV on this morning and it was gone !!
Anyone got any suggestions as to what this might be? An indication of future problems?

TIA, Brian.


Distinguished Member
I have had mine for around 14 months. Paid £1650 for it from Pixmania and its as good now as it was when i first took delivery of it.

The picture quaility is still outstanding and i have had no problems with it.

I keep it set to cinema setting for dvd's etc and use the dynamic mode for playing my 360.

I still find it breathtakingly beautiful to behold.


Standard Member
Had mine since May last year. Had no issues with it, picture is still great and I don't even see rainbows anymore (unless I deliberately look for them).
Must get round to getting a proper HD feed for it though but lack of time for research, and more importantly money for shiny things, is stopping me at the moment.
Another thing that still amazes me is the sound quality, it's the only TV I've ever owned where you can actually watch a film without the amp fired up and not notice the lack of punch.
At some point I also want to get it professionally calibrated but I'm not sure if any of the companies are actually familiar with this set.


Active Member
Had mine 18 months and its still amazing - a beautiful thing to behold. The best telly i've ever owned or seen with every feed and the addition of HD care of the Telewest TVDrive is nothing short of breath taking - the world cup was fantastic and planet earth was awesome :smashin: Jools holland and beak house looked cracking too - and the sound via HD is amazing - adds a whole new dimension!

I never ever see rainbows anymore - even struggle to make them appear now.

DVD's are still excellent in cinema mode - I never change my settings anymore. The XBOX is suberb and digital TV upscaled from the TVDrive via HDMI is amazingly good at times.

All in all a best buy - highly recommended - looks as good now as the day I bought it and its still a stunning style statement even when its switched off :D

Oh - I had that thin line/smudge appear for one day during the really hot weather and it was gone the next - odd that. Also the odd crack from the plastic casing as it heats (or cools?) are sometimes scary but never amount to anything.



Active Member
I can certainly endorse all the positive comments about this amazing TV set.
Absolutely the best TV I've ever owned.

Many thanks to all on this forum who helped me in making my decision to purchase.

'Squiggly' line has now disappeared and all is back to normal.



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reading all these replies i realise that you must all suffer the same problem as me.most of us like to keep up with technology,but how the heck do you upgrade this set?what is better at this size?


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has anyone had to change a bulb yet?


Standard Member
looking on the Currys website today they have 2 of these.

1 for 1474 and 1 for 1548 and the only difference (in my eyes) is that there are some shelves on 1 stand which arent on the other!

Is this really the only difference or am I (knowing nowt about tv's) missing something??!!]]:confused:

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