Samsung SP46L6HX - Videogame lag issues solved?



Hi all, first time poster.

I have been reading various threads on this topic going back a few months now - its not new and for that I apologise - but I'm not clear on whether this question has ever been definitively answered for this exact Samsung model.

It seems that people have no problems whatsoever with the 50" Samsung but to those people out there who have taken the plunge with a SP46L6HX and use it for regular videogaming, does this particular model suffer from the lag\delayed response issues some have reported on Samsung sets? I'll be using my SP46L6HX primarily for gaming and I want to make sure I don't waste my hard-earned!

I'm referring specifically to users who use any of the following consoles that I'll be looking to connect to the SP46L6HX at some point:

UK xbox (modded)
UK PS2 (Modded)
UK Gamecube
Jap Gamecube (modded)
Jap Saturn
Jap Dreamcast (modded)

All connect using the respective official RGB SCART cables...

Am I likely to see any issues with any of the above?

Thanks in advance.
I just made a thread about this...

Why did you make another? Maybe you didn't refresh the main page.

No offence, it's just funny that I JUST made a thread about this :rolleyes:.
Apart from a Saturn, I've used all of the above (plus a Panasonic Q) with no problems. I would recommend using Component though, it looks better than RGB on this set and you might aswell make use of the 480p most Xbox and GC games offer.

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