Samsung SP43W6HPX PJTV



I bought a 43inch rear projection from Currys in June 04. The colour has just gone - picture turns green then reddish then disappears almost totally for a minute or so. Appears to happen once the TV starts to warm up. Tried numerous curry (not the hot ones!!) national phone numbers and end up lines going dead - frustrating to say the least, never buy anything through DIXONS/CURRY/COMET again. Samsung UK say 'kiss our ...... (even though TV is only 14 months old). Cannot find TV repair outlet in Kent that will try to repair it. I must be honest and admit I bought it for the size of the screen and refused the extended warranty at the point of sale as I objected to being ripped off and having 2 warranties in the 1st year.
The point of my rambling is to warn others about buying cheaper products without gritting their teeth and taking the extended warranty.
Any suggestions as to where I can have it repaired (in Kent) or inexpensive replacement would be greatly appreciated>
thanks a span
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