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samsung sp42q2hl question

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by marc-hg, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. marc-hg


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    Does anyone has experience using the Samsung SP42Q2HL (or HLX / HLX-XEU version) rear projector TV on 1080i -signals through the component-input ? (I saw this for only € 1279)
    I am considering using this with a Satellite PC-card (Hauppauge Nova-CI, skystar 1 CI) to receive he HD1-channel. To output Component-video I am considering a ATI-graphics card (Radeon 9600/9800) with component-output converter or cable (for the All-in Wonder version).
    Can this approach the maximum resoltion of 1080x1920 ?
    Is the PC-solution free of the shaky movements I saw on a shop-demo using a € 8000 plasma display (of 1280x720 pixels ...) ? I hope a powerful ATI is better is delivering smooth video-movements supposed the source-material is OK.
    May be the Quali-TV receiver or the expensive plasmadisplay is not able to produce smooth moving video-quality ...
    Has anyone using a PC-monitor display seen the same problem ?

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