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Samsung SP42P2SB / SP42P3S

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Mats1, May 12, 2003.

  1. Mats1


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    The PS42P2SB will be replaced (actually, is already) by the P3S. This one has all connections/tuner built in and is supped to have a contrast ratio of 1200:1.
    Has anyone compared these two screens and can you tell there is so much difference?
    The P2SB model (with separate Tuner/Connections box) is on sale now and I was thinking of getting one. Will not mention the price as here in Switzerland we pay much more for all Electronics anyway.
    Is this Plasma recommendable? I like the separate Tuner box enabling to have only one cale going to the Plasma (I would like to hang it on the wall). There seem to be all possible connections (hope there is SCART and Component) and the picture was reasonable when I remember well. When it was on display I was not really into buying one, now there is no more display models and you have to order one.
    I also don't know if there are any differences (on top of the box) to the P2S model that has built in tuner/connections.
    I wanted to download the manual but none available from Samsung.
    One question: how long is the cable between the box and Plasma? (Philips attaches two but here?)
    So to Samsung or not to Samsung? (The LG is not an option as it's not being sold at my ev. purchase locations).

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