Samsung SP-42W5HF



Hi all,

new to this forum - just stumbled accross this forum, and great find it is too :D

im in the market for a new tv and wanted to get a few opinions from "peeps in the know".

already, from reading some posts it seems that a 36" CRT is not the way to go (problems with both the tosh and the sony).

this leaves me with the choice of either plasma or RP.

Plasma -- RicherSounds are doing the 42" LG for £2.5k, whilst RobertWhyte is doing the Fujitsu 42" for £2.8 or the Panny for £3.8k
RP - RobertWhyte doing the Tosh 42WT29B for £1424. have seen the Samsung in Dixons for £1699 (iirc).

what I want to know is WHICH ONE TO BUY !!!!! to be honest what with technology leaps and all, I dont feel happy splashing out on plasma just yet, as I think some advancements are just round the corner - so around £1.5-£2k is probably going to be my limit.
I havent seen any samsung info on here (have checked), so was wondering if anyone has tried this new model out yet - please only provide factual info as I would like to be able to trust your judgement :)

Finally, just how easy is it for logo-burn to occur on an RP tv ? Do I have to have the tv on all day every day on the same channel for this to occur ? We tend to watch the tv for about 2-3hrs per evening - would this be ok ?

t.i.a for any replies

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