Samsung Soundbar + Philips TV + Shield Arc problem


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Hi, having issues with arc with my setup.
I have a Philips the one 70 PUS7304, a Samsung HW-Q96R soundbar, and in the soundbar I have a shield in HDMI 1 and a ps5 HDMI 2.
My problem is mostly around arc i think.

First we can check what is working
If i just use the tv remote and uses netflix or something on the the soundbar starts right away when i start the tv, it also sets the soundbar source to TV ARC. so everything works fine there. And when i turn it off it turns soundbar and tv off.

But when i start using the soundbar with HDMI things getting worse.

So i have a shield connected to hdmi 1 on the soundbar, due to I want master hd audio from plex that is not supported through ARC that i know of so i dont want to connect them to the TV directly.
When i start the shield it takes everywhere from 5 sec to 30 sec for the tv and soundbar to start, Both start at the same time but a long time after the shield is started.
When the soundbar is turned on it is turned on with source set to HDMI 1, but after 5-10 sec the source is auto turned to TV ARC and it then shows no source on tv. At this time i need to change back to HDMI 1 from the source button on the samsung remote. I can however then when I am done turn off the shield and both TV and soundbar turns off all at the same time.

I found an option under "Power control" on the shield "Set TV input to shield" to ON, this setting changed it some:
  1. Now when i start the shield it still takes up to 30 sec for it the soundbar and tv to detect that it started and turns on.
  2. The soundbar starts at source HDMI 1
  3. after 5-10 sec it changes to TV ARC
  4. after 5-10 sec again it changes back to HDMI 1, like shield forces it back again.

But this does only now work 60 % of the time. It does not always change it back to HDMI 1. And still when it does it takes along time for it to first go from HDMI 1 --> TV ARC --> back to HDMI 1. Please tell me there is something I am missing and this can be fixed somehow, this have driven my crazy the last year and have looked around the internet and different settings to try and fix it.

Why does it even change it to TV ARC on the soundbar, there is no signal from TV, it is the shield that is started first and should detect the signal from the shield?

This even get worse when I add Turn on the HDMI control from my ps5. When i turn on my shield it will then turn on the ps5 also, then start auto swapping between source hdmi 1 and hdmi 2 on the soundbar back and forth. So for this to even work som I have to disable the option HDMI control on ps5 and start and change sources manualy.

Thanks for any help.
Regards Micke


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Found out myself. This is what i did.
  1. Unplugg hdmi from tv.
  2. Unplugg Power Cable from Tv
  3. Wait 5 min
  4. Input power cable
  5. Wait 5 min
  6. Input Hdmi cable
  7. Restored to Fabric settings
  8. Reinstalled TV
  9. Updated to newest firmware.
  10. Everything works as it should :)
Not sure what step u can skip here but this is what i did :p Hope it helps

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