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I've just bought a Samsung Smart TV (UE37ES6300U) and am generally very happy with it. However, I have one niggling little issue that I would like to resolve. I have defined several "favourite" channel lists including one named "Core" which just has the channels we mostly watch. I can set the EPG guide to show only the channels in this or any of the other favourite or standard channel lists. The problem is that the EPG shows the channels in the Core list sorted alphabetically whereas all the other lists are sorted in channel number order. Ideally, the EPG would show the channels in the Core list in the order I carefully set up when I created the list, but channel number order would be second best.

This problem feels like I must have inadvertently set the EPG channel order somewhere for this list but I can't find a corresponding command in any of the menus. Has anyone else come across and solved this small but slightly irritating problem?

Model: UE37ES6300U
S/W Version: 001030



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I have exactly the same problem with the PS51E6500.

It seems to have upgraded to firmware 001030, and now the favourites are in alphabetical rather than channel order.

Any ideas anyone?


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I have just spent the best part of a day trying to find the solution to the same problem (Guide keeps showing channels in number or name order but not the order I set up in the favourites list). This started happening with my Samsung UE46F6500 after a retune, prompted by channels disappearing repeatedly from the guide. This fixed the missing channels but I couldn't get the ordering I prefer to carry over into the guide. Then I tried a firmware update, and then a full reset, all with no effect. Finally, after more trial and error, I stumbled over the following and it looks like it might be the answer:

Clearly, you have to select the right favourite list in the Guide - mine is called "Family 1". I was very puzzled to observe that, even though the Guide was showing the right favourite list albeit in the wrong order, after I changed channels directly (using P+ or P- on the remote) the on-screen message indicated that the TV was still using "All" as its channel category. What fixed the problem was then realising that you also have to select the same favourite list in the "Channel List" menu item. When the Channel List is on the screen - there is a button specially for this on the remote - use left arrow to get a menu of channel categories, then up or down arrow to choose the right list, then return. It seems the selection here over-rides that in the guide, and only if they are the same does the guide show the channel list in the right order.

What is really annoying is that I now recall working this out when I first installed the TV but such is my memory that I had completely forgotten!

Hope this helps.
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