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Unsurprisingly looks rosy for them

Samsung has unveiled the findings of its Smart TV Futures report, commissioned by Samsung and authored independently by The Future Laboratory.

Thankfully for Samsung and the rest, it shows how television is flourishing, empowered rather than threatened by the internet. Samsung believes the UK is entering a second golden age of TV.

he nation’s love affair with TV goes on, 35% of people said they couldn’t live without it; we are watching 2.7 hours a day (according to GFK) and watching 16% more than 12 months ago. The Pew Research Center says that the past 40 years have consistently shown how people watch more television in recessionary times and our report shows more than a third (42%) of people in the UK and Ireland say the financial crisis has affected the way they watch TV and one in ten say the recession has made them want to watch more entertaining and escapist content.

The media landscape may be fractured across online, cable and on-demand platforms, but the urge to socialise around TV rituals and traditions, such as live events and Saturday-night viewing moments, remains as strong as ever. More than one in ten people (11%) say they are more likely to watch a sporting event on television than go along.

Big brother is watching

Samsung says, over the next decade, Social TV will enter a whole new phase, with Smart TVs using data from our social networks to learn what we love to watch, and curating content menus based on what we – and our friends – have watched in the past. The report reveals that nearly one in five (17%) UK consumers already believe that the future of television will see TVs guessing what we want to watch and, guess what, Samsung already has such a technology inside its TVs and smarty boxes in the shape of the S Recommendation feature.


More than half (55%) of people in the UK have connected to the internet through their TV. 10% of viewing is now time shifted and the popularity of catch up services is driving the trend.

Sport tops the list for new, interactive TV habits. One in ten people say sports programmes are the ones they are most likely to interact with using Smart TV technologies.

One in five respondents said there was someone on the TV that inspires them – David Attenborough topped the poll followed by Sir Stephen Fry and Sir Alan Sugar. And watching sport on the TV has inspired 1 in 10 of us to start a new exercise regime.

The report suggests that bringing in new ways to learn, via television, will be part of our future. Learning through gaming, for example, will certainly be an element of future TV.

The Next Ten Years

TV technology is evolving fast and 15% of customers in the UK already believe that in the next 10 years TV will become more interactive, hyper-personalised, gesture controlled and intuitive.

Soon viewers will be watching foldable, organic, touch TV screens with super high-definition pictures that allow them to buy their favourite soap star’s new summer wardrobe, as they take in the latest episode of the show. In fact according to retail research analysts, Conlumino, a quarter of people expect to be shopping through their Smart TV by 2014, generating an industry worth £750million.

Channels will be changed with a wave of the hand, and content will be custom-made for niche audiences.

Some predict that the first screen is where the future lies. Innovative split-screen technologies will be developed further to allow viewers to optimise the capabilities of their smart TVs.

A Samsung spokesperson said: “For us the future is about discovery. TVs are getting so powerful that they will enable people to discover not only more of the shows and films they love, but more of anything and everything they love. We can certainly see a time where TV will shape the way we chat to our friends, shop online and control our homes. We are already offering consumers some of these features in our award-winning range of televisions and over the next decade we’ll be leading the charge into this second golden age of TV.”


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