Samsung Smart Things, Belkin Wemo or Phillips Hue?

George 3G

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Hi all,

I want to have an automated bulb outside my front door that comes on at dusk, turns off at 11pm. Then I can manually switch on (via switch by front door) in the morning and it'll turn off at sunrise.

I'm also planning to get a smart thermostat, not sure which yet between Nest, Tado, Hive and Netatmo but I believe I can link this system to my automated bulb?

Any advise would be appreciated



I'd use Hue, as long it's wifi connection can connect to its hub there.

Then use IFTTT to link it to Nest or Netmato.


Just a warning, the Hue bulbs are huge compared to standard bulbs. This isn't an issue for B22/E27 holders with a lampshade, but if its a GU10 or a container holder, then they might not fit.

I've got the exact setup you're after, amongst others, however I am using SmartThings, Hue and Nest. For my outside bulb, I've got a Osram Lightify bulb which fits perfectly.

Nest works with Hue, but the interaction is restricted to defined actions by Hue/Nest - things like turning the lights red is Smoke is detected, or randomly turning the lights on when the Nest goes into Away Mode.
If you use SmartThings, you can configure your own options, for example, at 1am SmartThings turns out all of our lights and sets the Nest to 15 degrees. Just a word of warning, the Nest integration with SmartThings is unofficial and theoretically against their T&Cs


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I'd go for a system like Vera which ties all the different kinds of "smart" equipment together.

As the post above says, smart things can work with most of the same things too, Vera just does it better and is not cloud based.


Another Hue benefit is HomeKit. I can simply say out loud "Hey Siri, turn my living room lights off" and it works, if my phone is charging somewhere.


I have the hue lights and hive heating, hive isn't HomeKit enabled yet but BG are looking into it, is your porch an open one or closed?

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