Samsung smart hub updated - after 5 years!?


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Anyone else out there still rocking the samsung PN64F8500? Ours is still chugging along as our main TV. Anyway, I want to say around 2015 Samsung abandoned the model and stop offering updates. Yesterday when I went to open my smart hub to watch hulu, the format was completely different and apparently samsung has updated the smart hub? Any one else experience this? Very odd after all these years, all the sudden there is such a major update to its operating system.

Im a bit nervous because last night some of the apps werent working and I got a message that the hub was updating and to try again later.

I swear I used to have an account on here, but had to re-register.


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You sure it wasn't “AVSForum” in the US.
This one (the one you've posted in) is in the UK.


Smart hub on my Samsung 32in updated a couple of months ago. And it's certainly older than 5 years
F5500 which we bought in Aug 2013

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